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Work like you’re sitting next to your teammates
A virtual war room to help your remote team connect and collaborate.

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Welcome to Nooks where working together is fast & fun

Remember how you turned around and asked a co-worker a question? Nooks lets you feel the energy of the office online.

Breakaway conversations

Easily break into natural side conversations without disturbing everyone else. Great for follow-ups after a standup!

Queue up a song

Set the tone with a blazing playlist. Every Nooks session needs a vibe.

Collaborate with a shared desktop

Bring your team on the same page. Drag any window into a shared desktop for seamless collaborations.


Nooks users are saying:

Nooks changed the way we work

Nooks changed the way our team works. It's the closest thing to being in a real office without actually owning one. Now, most of the meetings in my calendar are obsolete because we already talked about it in Nooks!
Keith McGibbon

Make real, lasting connections

Nooks is an exciting way for our team members to bond and make real, lasting connections while working remotely.
Vijay Tella

Most amazing platform!

"WOW - Nooks is the most amazing platform! Nooks just wow!!! If you are looking for an amazing tool for teaming or hosting events, this one is it!!!"
Nana Gregg
VFP Consulting

Finally, some real innovation!

"OMG! Nooks is an amazing platform for remote meetings!  I've been waiting this entire pandemic for someone to innovate in this space. Finally!"
Fred Tchang
Systech International

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